Finite Elemente Software MEANS V13 for FEM Simulations

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MEANS V13 for
since 1989

FEM System MEANS V13 with many new Features

  • MEANS (Mechanical Analysis System)  is a general purpose Finite Element pogram and is used in civil & mechanical engineering, research & development since 1989.
  • For the automatic and semi-automatic mesh generation and results evaluation, MEANS offers modern and efficient pre- and postprocessors, running under Windows 10 and 11 and DirectX11 from Microsoft.
  • The main profit of MEANS is the relation of extensive calculations together with comfortable pre- and post-procesessing to the small purchase costs.

MEANS V13 Capacity

The MEANS capacities covers FEM/FEA solutions at low cost with many analysis features comparable to the large commercial systems.

  •   Plane and spatial structures
  •   Solid models
  •   Axisymmetric solids
  •   Stationary/transient heat
  •   Dynamics and vibrations
  •   Beam-Shell-Solid element connections
  •   Multi-Point-Constraints-Elements (MPC-Elements)
  •   Calculate loads and boundary conditions to a point in the space
  •   Fully automatic conversion of CAD data (STL, STEP, IGES, DXF)
  •   Nonlinear, Buckling and Contact-Analysis
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